III/V Design Capability

CIP’s design group’s mission to become a leaders in iii/v semiconductor design, and to understand device performance and capability against specifications so reducing the need for costly multiple iterations of product fabrication to meet customer devices performance. CIP has a range of state of the art commercial software tools and in-house built tools

III/V Epitaxy Capability

CIP utilises MOVPE Epitaxy for planar wafers, selective area growth and overgrowth of III/V structures to meet current & future complex device requirements

III/V Wafer Fabrication Capability

CIP has skills, facilities and state of the art equipment to take III/V wafer designs from concept to pilot production of devices incorporating sub-micron feature sizes.

Reliability and Failure Analysis Capability

CIP offers a comprehensive Reliability and Failure Analysis facility for opto-electronic chips and devices.

We qualify new designs, platforms, processes and applications to Telcordia standards with extensive Reliability and Failure Analysis laboratory facilities.

Devices are assessed under a wide range of typical and accelerated operating conditions to understand reliability trends, failure modes and acceleration factors.

Data is used to predict field lifetimes and failure rates against customer requirements, and to develop burn-in and validation screens to ensure only high quality material reaches the customer.


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CIP Technologies is the trading name of The Centre for Integrated Photonics Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Huawei Technologies (UK) Co. Ltd