About CIP

About CIP

Innovative photonics development since 1970

CIP designs, develops and produces Semiconductor Optoelectronic chips for Telecommunications Applications. Our customer is the Huawei business, who design and assemble the components and modules that go into systems which are sold to telecommunications companies around the world

CIP have been at the center of fiber optic and photonic research and development since 1970 where they became world leaders in photonic hybrid integration, combining materially different components on a single platform to create innovative photonic devices.

CIP (as part of its parent company BT) was instrumental in the development of EDFAs and SOAs along with buried hetrostructure multi quantum well device structures using MOCVD.

CIP were heavily involved in collaborative research projects that promoted the use of photonics to solve real-world problems and developed new applications for photonics devices. CIP worked with partners on European Union funded photonic and optoelectronic projects and Government funded initiatives and with Universities and Research Institutes to develop innovative optoelectronic and photonic devices.


CIP are ISO9001:2008 registered and approved.

Company History

1979: BT Photonics Group designs and trials world’s first single mode fibre system

1980 – 2000: Development of 30 key patent families underlying modern photonics

1993: Queen’s Award for Core Laser Technology

2000: BT Photonics Group acquired by Corning Inc.

2003: EEDA support formation of CIP after Corning withdraws

2011: UK government agrees sale of CIP to Huawei

December 2011: Acquisition of CIP by Huawei completed


Phoenix House, Adastral Park
Martlesham Heath
United Kingdom

Registered in England 4905488

A Huawei Company

CIP Technologies is the trading name of The Centre for Integrated Photonics Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Huawei Technologies (UK) Co. Ltd